I noticed some hearing loss so I went to a hearing aid dealer and after their short test they wanted to know how I would pay for these hearing aids or if I could even afford them! A family member recommended Lee and after spending time and doing an extensive hearing test, all he was concerned with is how well I could hear and if they were comfortable!! He made sure I was happy with my new hearing and how well they fit!  He moved, and now I drive 85 miles for his professional services, and it is well worth it.
- Brian P., Crown Point, IN​

I was developing age related hearing loss.  Having been a practicing healthcare provider, I realized that understanding the problem and selecting treatment was important.  Treatment for hearing loss is a prosthetic appliance so I evaluated and researched companies that produced these hearing aids as to their technology, engineering and reputation as well as patient satisfaction.  I selected Starkey Hearing Technology.  I then made a mistake by selecting a provider who, although licensed, was not qualified.  After 2 years of problems, dissatisfaction, return visits and excuses I visited the Starkey Center for Excellence clinic in Eden Prairie, MN and was told that I was fitted with the wrong type of appliance for my condition.  I was tested and fitted with new appliances there and referred to Lee L .Lindsey, H.A.D. and have been a patient of his office since that time.  He is professional, knowledgeable and experienced.  He communicates well, listens and explains.  He cares and patient satisfaction is his greatest satisfaction.  His reputation with Starkey is outstanding and his services to me are great appreciated.

- D.C. Findlay

South Bend                                                                                

814 East LaSalle Ave.                                                                                      
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South Bend, IN: (574) 968-4880       

For the past four years I have been searching for a source that would give nice quality at a cost I could afford, a competent resource that I could count on, and the confidence I needed to correct my hearing deficiencies. Over this time I ran into cold hearted agents who were more sales representatives than clinicians, and wheeler-dealers who boasted about the number of years they had been in business whose bottom line profit margin was their only concern.

Then, while having breakfast and reading the morning paper I saw an ad for Lee’s Hearing Center. The rest is history. The hearing aids were a New Year’s gift to myself. I can actually hear the sermon in church, the dog walking on the carpeted hallway, and water running in the sink. No longer does my wife have to tell me to turn down the TV because it’s too loud. Now, she asks me to turn the TV volume up because she can’t hear it! I am closer to my family that I have been in years. What a positive difference in my life and those around me. Thanks to Lee’s Hearing Center I feel so much more confident, secure, and a part of life. As a retired school administrator and college professor I can only guess at what I was missing out on.
- Ken J., North Carlisle, IN

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​I wanted to take this opportunity to express my total satisfaction with the hearing aids that I purchased from you some time ago.  I have tried other aids from several of the other so -called big names in hearing products but none of them even came close to your product. Also, the service you provide your clients is outstanding.  I couldn't be happier.  Please feel free to share my name and contact information with anyone interested in your product.

Thanks from one satisfied and happy customer.
- Dick R., South Bend, IN

Why would an 86 year old woman ride with her son 80 some miles to have Lee check her hearing?  Because he knows his business! I am that 86 year old woman. I have gone to others about my hearing and none are as thorough as Lee.  He does it right the first time. He will take his time with you and answer all your questions.

- Evelyn M., Merrillville, IN

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Lee's Hearing Center Testimonials

Obviously, I have not been to every Hearing Center but I believe I can say that having lived all these years of relating to people you will not find anyone who will give you better service then Lee.  He sells a top quality hearing aide and I know he will work with you in a very personal way to reveal sounds you have not heard for many years, as I experienced.  He really gives you the sense that he is very much concerned about enhancing your life.  Over time we fail to realize our gradual loss of hearing and our slow retreat from people and conversations only able to hear partial conversation.  Of course, this diminishes our participation to be fully engaged with others having to constantly ask people to repeat themselves we may as much as possible just avoid these situations all together.

​- Dan C.

Before seeing Lee, I was dissatisfied with my hearing aids and dealer.  Lee expertly fit me with NuEar hearing aids and I feel so much better about my hearing.  Lee treated me like a human being with a problem that he could help me with.  This was 100% improvement over other offices I have been to.

Meeting Lee Lindsey is the best thing that could happen to a hearing impaired person.  Add Lee’s expertise and the hearing aid products that he sells and you will not believe what you haven’t been hearing.  He understands hearing impaired people better than any provider I have ever met in my 34 years of wearing a hearing aid.  Lee truly wants your hearing to be the best it can be.
- James P., Valparaiso, IN